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"We went from being a garage start-up to independently wealthy. We hired Carrie to create our image and marketing materials. Our business grew rapidly and eventually was bought for 22 million dollars. We owe it all to Carrie's marketing and design expertise, she is just the best." - Chris Scheffler, CEO, WebCom, Inc., CA

"I have known Carrie professional for eight years. I have been fortunate to work with many artist, and I find Carrie to have the most successful qualities. She bridges the gap between the creativity of the artist and the managerial skills of a coprorate executive, a combination so vital to the successful completion of any project." - Patrick Bailey, Former Owner, Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, Santa Cruz, CA

"I have worked with Carrie on a variety of vital projects. She created our image and advertising, which resulted in signifant sales. We were a bunch of engineers and she was able to translate our vision into a form that others could understand. She was essential in the success of our launch and sales." - Dan Mapes, Tigre Object Systems, Santa Cruz, CA

"Carrie's sense of design and her ability to manage a project (often under impossible deadlines) to achieve outstanding results is skill I've admired for years. Carrie understands the business side of creativity, and is able to get the best work for the best price. Two thumbs up.!" - Jeff Hicks Photography, Los Gatos, CA


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