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A Dynamic Trio, Still Going Strong

A few decades ago two young flower children and art sophisticates met at an art gallery called Interconnections. It was an opening showing of famed artist Sheryl McCartney. The visionary paintings and friendships that were born from those days have become the backbone of our company, community, resources and our work.

Sheryl McCarntey provides the conceptual juice, the creative genius, the fine art illlustrations, the one hanging out on Jupiters edge. Stepping out
of the box, stepping into the minds of others, Sheryl's insight has
the nack to pull the vision out of ether and creatively into form.

Carrie Toder is the engine, the entrapuernuer, art director, designer, photographer and techincal wizzard. Carrie's creativity, design knowledge, marketing savvy, experience and computer expertise brings each project from concept to completion with clarity, ease and on time.

1n 1988, Good Times magazine in Santa Cruz, CA coined the term, "dynamic duo" to express the artistic phenomenon between the two creatives, Sheryl McCartney and Carrie Toder, and the outstanding quality of work that is born out of that matrix.

Michael Bashista is our Zen code engineer extordinare and joined the team about a decade ago, bringing his remarkable ability to provide working solutions to all our web projects.

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